Promotional housing credit

__Promotional housing__ credit
  • Loan calculator

    Desired amount 15.000 eur.

    Number of months 12

    Interest rate

    7.8 %

    9.9 %

    Monthly annuity



    Total to be paid off



    Total interest



    * values for first two years

TCR of 0 %.

*The amount of TCR is influenced by the repayment time limit, amount of credit, amount of costs included in calculation of TCR, capitalized interest and amount of nominal interest rate.

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  • Credit for purchasing real estate with EUR clause

    New housing credit of Eurostandard Bank, with 2.9% annual interest rate for the first three years

    • 150.000 EUR Possible amount of 150.000 EUR in denar counter-value
    • 30 yearsPayment options up to 30 years, according to your needs and desires
    • Grace periodThis type of credit offers you a possibility of 1 year grace period
    • 2,9% interest rate annually Fixed interest rate of only 2.9% for the first 3 years
    • PurposePurchase of real estate by companies with which the Bank has a business cooperation
    • RifinancingRefinancing opportunities without additional fees

    Credit characteristics

    • Maximum amount: 150,000.00 EUR in denar countervalue, depending on the credit worthiness of the applicant;
    • Repayment period: up to 30 years, 360 equal monthly annuities;
    • Grace period: An open possibility of 1 year grace period;
    • Interest rate: for clients who do not receive their monthly salaries in the ESB bank and for credits with foreign currency clause the fixed initial interest rate amounts to 2,9% per annum for the first three years. After that period, the interest rate amounts to 6,9% per annum. It is variable and changeable according to the changes in the 6 month EURIBOR published by, and after half a year (June 30th and December 31st) it increases by 7,17%, however not less than 6,9% per annum and not more than the legal interest rate of arrears. The adjustment of the interest rate is made twice upon every semester (half a year)
    • Default interest: as the legally prescribed interest rate;
    • Fees:
      • 150 MKD per application
      • up to 1.0% fixed commission paid at the beginning of the administration of the credit, or at least 1.000,00 denars, 250,00 MKD application costs
    • No additional fees for early repayment of the credit.


    • Concluded right for pledge, mortgage over immovable property in favor of the Bank, worth minimum 120% of the credit value;
    • Insurance policy of the immovable property in favor of the Bank;
    • Bill of exchange with B/E statement, signed by the Credit beneficiary and co-credit beneficiaries (if applicable)

    Who can apply

    • Individuals who are buying real estate by companies with which the Bank has business cooperation;
    • Individuals who are citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, who shall pledge immovable property which will provide a loan to establish a mortgage on another real estate
    • Customers who receive their monthly salaries at the Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje.


    • Deed of title or document in pre-registration;
    • Appraisal by authorized appraiser;
    • Documents which identify monthly income of the credit applicant and the co-applicants (if applicable), such as confirmation on salary, notarized lease agreement (the Bank keeps one sample), agreement for copyright payments (the Bank keeps one sample of the greement) pension check (the Bank keeps one sample of the check) and other documents that verify the monthly income;
    • ID of the spouse (passport or an identity card), original or a certified copy should be submitted for verification, while one copy remains in the file.
    • Information on the seller of the immovable property (pro-forma invoice, pre purchase lease agreement).