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  • Loan calculator

    Desired amount 60.000 den.

    Number of months 1

    Interest rate

    7.8 %

    9.9 %

    Monthly annuity



    Total to be paid off



    Total interest



    * values for first three months

    TCR of 0 %.

    *The amount of TCR is influenced by the repayment time limit, amount of credit, amount of costs included in calculation of TCR, capitalized interest and amount of nominal interest rate.

  • Линкови десно

Consumer credit for all health workers


  • 0%Interest rate for the first 3 months
  • 0%0% Processing fee
  • 0%0% Administrative costs
  • 4.9%Interest rate for the entire period
  • No guarantorsfor an amount of up to 300,000 denars
  • RefinancingPossible free of charge credit or card refinancing

Credit characteristics

  • Maximum amount of up to 900,000 denars, depending on the credit wortiness of the applicant.
  • Repayment time limit - 120 equal monthly annuities including up to 6 months optional grace period.
    Interest rate: 0% in the first three months due to the promotional period. Upon expiry of the promotional period, the interest rate for Eurostandard Bank's salary recipients shall amount to 4.9% per annum.
    The adjustment of the interest rate is made twice upon every semester (half a year);
  • Fees: 0% administrative costs, 0% application costs
  • Penalty interest as the legally prescribed penalty interest rate.


  • Bill of Exchange with B/E statement, signed by the Credit beneficiary for credit up to 300.000 denars.
  • 1 (one) creditworthy guarantor or solemnization is required for amounts of 300,000 to 600,000 denars.
  • 2 (two) creditworthy guarantors or 1 (one) creditworthy guarantor and a solemnization is required for amounts above 600,000 denars.

Who can apply

  • Individuals, nationals of the Republic of North Macedonia, who receive their salaries in the Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje.
  • Credit beneficiaries or guarantors of credits in Eurostandard Bank cannot apply as guarantors of other credits.
  • Net salaries of the credit applicant or guarantor must not be lower than 10.000 MKD

Documents needed

  • For employees of Public and Private Health Institutions: administrative ban on salary
  • Employees of private companies to submit copies of M-1 M-2 forms and summary on the last three-month salaries, certified by the Revenue Board Office and current balance sheet of the company issued by the Central Registry.
  • Copies of the identification documents of the credit applicant must be submitted along with the application.