Credit based on pledge of a deposit

Credit based on pledge of a __deposit__
  • Loan calculator

    Desired amount 30.000 den.

    Number of months 12

    Interest rate

    7.26 %

    Monthly annuity


    Total to be paid off


    Total interest


  • Линкови десно

Consumer credit based on pledge of denar or foreign currency deposit

If you need funds and you have fixed term deposit, you can get a credit under the best terms. This type of credit is the best way to deposit and at the same time to secure your funds.

The credit based on pledge of deposit is the way to deposit and at the same time to secure your funds. Use your savings according to your wishes and necessities.

  • 3,0% annually The lowest interest rate of only 3,0% annually;
  • No limits The amount of the credit is without limits if you use your deposit;
  • Best terms If you use your deposit as a pledge you get the best terms;
  • Quick disbursement After the credit has been extended, your funds are transferred to your transaction account
  • Maestro Debit Card Free of charge Maestro Debit card

Credit characteristics

  • Amount: 95% of fixed term deposit
  • Repayment period: within the depositing period
  • Interest rate: up to 2-3 % above the interest rate which is applied for accounting the interest rate of fixed financial deposit that is variable according to the changes to the interest rate of the deposit which serves as a measure;  
  • Default interest: within the legal default interest rate
  • Fees: 0,3% one-off for credit management, minimum 500,00 denars, 250,00 MKD application costs.


  • Irrevocable statement the denar deposit to be used to pay off the credit completely;
  • Agreement for possession pledge over savings deposit.

Who can apply

  • Individuals who are citizens of the Republic of Macedonia

Documents needed

  • Application on credit based on pledge of deposit.