New! Day and night safe deposit box!

Dear clients,

We inform you that Eurostandard Bank has introduced a 24/7 day and night safe deposit box service, which will enable our business clients to deposit their cash in the bank at any time.

This new service will provide a practical solution for the bank's business clients in the aspect of operation with daily cash, and as a result it will also enable more efficient use of the working hours and timely realization of the payment operations obligations. The day and night safe deposit box is a self-service device - a safe in which business clients can deposit or pay their domestic currency funds in a safe place, and at the most convenient time for them. This service is especially suitable for all business clients who operate with cash on a daily basis, and their working hours do not correspond to the working hours of the bank.

The deposit of funds in the day and night safe deposit box is done by inserting the cash in a security safe through the external security door (cash register), which can only be used with an electronic card provided for each user of the service for his/hers identification. On the next working day, the deposited funds in the day and night safe deposit box will be already available on the transaction account of the client.

Appropriate security and safety measures have been taken for the bank's protection and for enabling smooth and safe operation of the day and night safe deposit box. At first, the day and night safe deposit box service will be available only at the head office of the bank.

This service will be promotionally free until the end of 2017.