Branch office for the ministry of labor and social policy benefits

Dear customers,

EUROSTANDARD Bank AD Skopje always provides the adequate care for its customers.

We hereby inform you that EUROSTANDARD Bank AD Skopje has responded to your requests and has decided to designate one of its Branch Offices exclusively for you, the users of compensation by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Starting from April 2020, your payments will be exclusively made at the Centar Branch Office of the Bank.

This Branch Office is located opposite to the “Dom na invalidi“ at ul. “Dame Gruev“ no. 3, 1000 Skopje.

During the payment days, the opening hours of the Branch Office will be extended until 7:00 P.M.

You can also withdraw your funds, excluding provision, in all Branch offices of AD Makedonska Poshta.


mapa trudi socijala

Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje