Board of directors

of Eurostandard Bank
  • Mr. Goran Trajkovski
    2019 Appointed President of
    the Board of Directors of Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje
    Mr. Goran Trajkovski
    President of the Board of Directors

    The success of every client of ours, is our success, as well.

    Mr. Trajkovski began his career in the area of finance in the year of 2000, at the Ministry of Finance, as an Advisor to the Minister of Tax Policy and Administration, and also as the Head of the Second Instance Commission on Taxes and Customs.

    At the beginning of the denationalization process, he managed several committees, and with the establishment of the Denationalization Council, he become its President and focused on the first issuance of the denationalization bonds.

    Mr. Trajkovski left the Ministry of Finance to take the position at the Public Revenue Office, as the Director of the Regional Directorate Skopje. Simultaneously, he became a member and a head of several governmental bodies.

    Mr. Trajkovski also shared and built on his professional experience in the countries of the region as a tax and a VAT consultant.

    During the period of decentralization of the local self-government, he returned to Macedonia and became a Secretary of the City of Skopje, where he fully implemented the fiscal decentralization and established local taxes.

    He spent a large share of his carrier as the General Director of the Public Revenue Office. This period was marked by major tax policy reforms, the establishment of a gross wage system, regulation of gambling, financial forensics and the overall process of modernizing the tax administration.

    After leaving the Public Revenue Office, he moved to the position of a Director of the Personal Data Protection Directorate, where he devoted himself to the harmonization of national legislation with GDPR.

    In 2019, Mr. Trajkovski arrived at Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje to take the position of President of the Board of Directors.