Quick money transfer

__Quick__ money transfer

Eurostandard Bank makes continuous efforts to work according to the modern needs of its clients which resulted in cooperation between Eurostandard Bank and Unija Finansiska - Skopje.

Quick Money Transfer service of Eurostandard Bank offers you a possibility to send and receive money in cash from more than 300 countries throughout the world. This service is available in all Eurostandard Bank branch offices.

Western Union Money Transfer service of Eurostandard Bank guarantees safety, security and instant efficiency.

  • Sending moneyFill in the form "Send money" of Western Union in one of Eurostandard Bank branch offices and hand it over to the authorized officer along with identification document and sum of money you wish to send. When you receive a receipt with a control number as a proof that your application has been received and approved, inform the person who needs to receive the transfer and tell him the control number. The person who has been stated on the form can withdraw the money after you have given him the control number.
  • Receiving moneyWhen the sender informs you on the performed transfer, exact amount and time, come to one of Eurostandard Bank branch offices and fill in the form "Receive money". State the country where the money comes from, the name of the sender, the sum you are expecting and the control number. Hand over the completed form to the authorized officer of the branch office along with an identification document. If the data stated by the sender are compatible with yours the money shall be given to you the very same moment.