Denar plus deposit

__Denar__ plus deposit
  • Deposit caltulator
    Interest collected after the time limit expires

    Interest collected monthly

    How much money are you planning to deposit?
    600.000 den.

    Time limit
    3 month

    Interest rate

    3 %

    Interest rate for 12 months


    You collect total of


  • Линкови десно

    Interest rate

With the denar plus deposit of Eurostandard Bank you have a unique opportunity to deposit, add and withdraw as much as you want and whenever you want

  • Freedom Open denar deposit gives you freedom in managing your funds.
  • Monthly interest collectionInterest rate can be collected monthly or after the time limit expires.
  • Time limit Up to 24 months.
  • Security Deposits have been insured at the deposit insurance fund whose member is Eurostandard Bank.
  • Free of charge debit card Maestro debit card free of charge with every fixed term deposit.

  • Deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Fund whose member is the Bank.