Traditional deposit

__Traditional__ deposit
  • Deposit caltulator

    How much money are you planning to deposit?
    10.000 den.

    Time limit
    1 month

    Interest rate

    7.26 %

    Interest rate for 12 months


    You collect total of


  • Линкови десно

    Interest rate

Saving in denars with Eurostandard Bank is an excellent way to save your money

Our exceptionally favorable interest rates and complete security make the traditional denar saving deposit the best choice investment

  • Time limitEurostandard Bank offers different time limits for its denar fixed term deposits according to its clients’ wishes and needs.
  • Interest rate in amount of up to 3,0% If you deposit your funds for 36 months you can collect 3,0% interest.
  • Debit card free of charge Maestro debit card free of charge with every fixed term deposit.
  • Security Deposits are insures by the Deposit Insurance Fund whose member is the Bank.
  • Monthly interest collection Interest rate can be collected monthly or after the time limit expires.
  • The best interest rates The traditional deposit is traditional way of saving which gives you the best interest rates for your deposit.

  • Deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Fund whose member is the Bank.