Foreign currency deposits for individuals

Use your funds to the maximum
Saving in foreign currency with Eurostandard Bank is an excellent way to save your money. Our exceptionally favorable interest rates and complete security make it the best investment

  • Traditional deposit
  • Interest rate up to 1.5% For fixed term deposits for 36 months.
  • Monthly collectionInterest rate can be collected monthly or after the time limit expires.
  • Time limit Different time limits according to clients’ wishes and needs.
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  • EUR plus deposit
  • Freedom Open foreign currency deposit gives you freedom in managing your funds.
  • EUR This type of deposit can only be in EUR
  • Time limitFor up to 24 months
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  • Family deposit
  • Saving together This is an opportunity for higher interest rate by joining separate deposits into one principle deposit
  • Time limit Up to 1 year
  • Gradual interest rate: The higher deposit – the higher interest rate
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  • Interest in advance
  • Interest in advance Clients can choose the time limit and interest rate and can collect the interest rate in advance
  • Time limit Deposits with anticipating interest calculation for 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Currency Interest can be collected in advance for deposit in any currency
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